The Importance of Good Investment Performance (MAR 2020)

You work hard for your money. Does it work the same for you?

" Compound interest is the man's greatest invention. He who understands it, earns it... he who doesn't.... pays it." AE

This guide demonstrates the value pension fund performance has on the eventual pension pot.

In amongst all the discussion of greater pension freedoms and the general changes in legislation this is a guide which highlights the unchanged value of getting good advice which leads to good long term performance.

The value of performance is illustrated through some basic examples of how different returns generate different future pension pots. The emphasis is on demonstrating how even a couple of percentage points improvement per year can add up to big increases in the amount of money accumulated at retirement.

Part One is this simple depiction of a series of different scenarios which shows the reason why focusing on performance is so crucial.

Part Two shows how fund performances have varied in the past and how much difference getting good performance has been to poor performance, using real examples of good and bad funds, this second part evidences just how much funds vary in their returns over time.

The Summary Section then brings these two parts together to show how pension investors should focus on getting the best performance possible and how much advice and professional support can influence this.

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