Ongoing Planning image
Your financial plan requires periodic analysis and revisions. Your investment returns and current lifestyle costs are interrelated and must be reviewed to accomplish your retirement goals. This is why we require clients maintain an ongoing advisor relationship with us, your financial partner and subsequent vehicle toward achieving your financial aspirations.

Financial planning can be extremely complex, and because of the severe negative consequences that can result, it is imperative that certain recommendations get implemented correctly. All our clients retain our firm after the delivery of their financial plan to ensure that our recommendations get implemented correctly and to monitor the appropriateness of their plan in light of changes in the financial markets, legislation or their personal or financial situation.

Financial planning without on-going monitoring and adjusting is like running a marathon once and believing that you are going to be in great shape for the rest of your life.

This service maintains your financial fitness via:

  • Annual updates to your financial plan
  • Detailed reporting of your personal financial situation, using sophisticated software
  • In-depth reports
  • Taking you through the investment process
    (two or sometimes three meetings to teach you about investing, and a written financial report)
  • Checking your asset allocation regularly to ensure that it is within the limits established
  • Assistance with placing investments
  • Access to Web-based daily valuation, online document sharing, organisation of all your finances via our secure portal
  • Access to our Cash Management Portal for getting the best return on your savings 
  • Trustee administration services
  • Probate services
  • Will & Trust documents storage
  • Assistance with implementing the recommendations in your financial plan after the initial month
  • Answers to all of your financial planning-related questions
  • Important articles, research and commentary about personal finance via newsletter