Pension Transfer Gold Standard (FEB 2020)

Professional Capital adopts and promotes this standard and its 9 principles, so clients can better understand and find good advice, and be confident they are dealing with a firm that is going beyond minimum requirements when giving financial advice.

As a member of a defined benefit final salary pension scheme (or pension scheme with safeguarded benefits) we hope the Gold Standard enables you to better understand what good advice on what to do with your pension looks like.

Financial advice firms which adopt the Gold Standard have committed to an advice process that is underpinned by adherence to nine principles. These are designed to empower you to:

  • Make an informed decision on whether a transfer of your pension benefits is appropriate for you
  • Help in understanding what good advice in this area should look like
  • Find an advice firm which has already adopted the Gold Standard

To find out more about the Gold Standard, we recommend you read the following document that will help you understand how adopting firms will go the extra mile to ensure you get the best advice:


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