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Many business people and executives find it increasingly difficult to plan adequately for their personal financial growth and security. Among reasons for frustration are lack of time, the wide variety of today's investment opportunities, and the complexity of tax laws.

Our corporate plans offer important benefits for both the company director and the company. By receiving professional and individualised advice, the company director is helped to achieve his/her immediate and long-term financial goals. The company, at the same time, is assured that its remuneration and employee benefit programs are fully effective in rewarding its key people.

With input from the company director, the plans variously can:

  • Increase productivity of present assets (such as deposit accounts)
  • Assure more effective utilisation and understanding of company-sponsored benefits
  • Have a clear and defined partnership/shareholder agreement in place
  • Assess and address the risk of losing key employees
  • Ensure the right combination between salary, bonus, dividends for the company director
  • Design an appropriate retirement strategy for directors and senior executives
Advisory services include areas such as:

  • Small self administered pension schemes (SSAS)
  • Group self invested personal pension schemes
  • Group personal pension schemes
  • Worksplace Pensions
  • Auto Enrolment
  • Group stakeholder plans
  • Group risk schemes
  • Keyman/ Shareholder/Partnership protection
  • Business sales and succession planning
  • Group private medical insurance schemes
  • Share/stock option programs
The plans come under a continuing review process with Professional Capital to assure their effective implementation.