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What Is Cash Management?

Cash management can be important for Individuals, Companies, Trusts, Charities, Pension funds, Powers of Attorney, Clubs/Associations and other Institutions. In business, it is a key component of a company's financial stability. For individuals, cash is also essential for financial stability while also usually considered as part of a total wealth portfolio.

Individuals and businesses have a wide range of offerings available across the financial marketplace to help with all types of cash management needs. Banks are typically a primary financial service provider for the custody of cash assets. Banks and Building Societies want to control what you do with your money. They want you to keep your money on Instant Access and they want to pay you the lowest rate of interest possible. They produce accounts that nurture this behaviour. In 2013 the FCA commission a review of the way banks and building societies behave with their clients. You will most probably have noticed more communications coming through from your bank or building society as a result of this review. However, they are not obliged to pay you the highest rate of interest at all times. They are however obliged to treat you fairly and communicate effectively.

If you want to achieve greater value from your savings you must still do it yourself.

Maximising the value of cash can be achieved by following these principles, whilst meeting your requirements for cash:

  • Obtain the highest rates of interest
  • Protect your money with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • Only retain the amount you need available to use over the next 12 months on Instant Access
  • Build a portfolio of Fixed Rate accounts with the balance
  • Managing to these principles will mean you will always have access to capital and you will never be more than 12 months away from a new tranche of money

How to take Control

You take control by doing what we have guided you through:

  • Understand what you want from your savings
  • Maximise your rate of interest
  • Protect your savings
  • Only keep the amount you need access to over the next 12 months on Instant Access
  • Build a portfolio of Fixed Term accounts with the balance
  • Review every 12 months, just like you do with your contents insurance, your energy bills, your car insurance etc

How we can help you

Professional Capital has four main parts to its process that together combine to deliver our unique service and ultimately prove beneficial to our clients.


We agree the appropriate liquidity and protection facilities in “pure cash” holdings to ensure that each client has a bespoke portfolio that meets their individual requirements. We work collaboratively to build that bespoke portfolio and also put in place a managed and reviewable process that effectively and efficiently increases the potential returns for each and every client.


Once the portfolio has been agreed all application forms are only a click away and processed by our clients for maximum security.


We monitor client holdings to ensure they remain within the original parameters set ensuring the rates remain competitive on an ongoing basis.


If a materially better rate is found then we inform our clients to re-administer a new account based on the original or revised protection and liquidity parameters. Our service ensures that you can always have peace of mind that cash holdings are generating as much interest as is possible in the marketplace at any one point. By avoiding unnecessary inefficiency that can occur when switching accounts between deposit takers, our service helps cash work more for our clients than for the provider. Our ongoing and fully automated monitoring ensures that cash portfolios do not suffer from the inertia so prevalent in savings. Our clients can have confidence that will be automatically notified when action is required be it for a better rate opportunity or for an approaching maturity.

Our service allows our clients to bring these proposed remedies into reality through a clear and focused service that meets their needs. Our extensive rates data set is updated everyday and this allows for all clients to obtain up-to-date rates within their bespoke chosen parameters.

The transparent and bespoke cash portfolio report demonstrates how a client’s cash can be allocated across different time periods and institutions to obtain the best protection for their capital as well as the best rate outcome.

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