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Professional Capital specialises in personal financial planning, retirement services, investment portfolio construction, business planning and wealth preservation strategies. Professional Capital brings extensive experience and expertise to private clients, company directors and businesses. Our comprehensive advisory service preserves and enhances all financial profiles at every stage of the life cycle.

We are convinced that financial planning is a process, not a single event. It is a mutual commitment to this process that determines whether you reach your financial & lifetime goals. We believe you should be both informed and proactively involved in your financial affairs. Therefore, open communication with us is essential in building a meaningful working relationship.

As financial advisers, we believe in the following fundamental principals in relation to designing a financial plan and making specific recommendations:

Having a diversified, well balanced financial plan based on specific personal and/or business goals, a pre-determined asset allocation model, and having patience will increase the likelihood that one will achieve his/her long term financial objectives. Diversification, comprehensive plan reviews and analysis are beneficial methods of managing assets. Appropriate financial planning strategy also includes the effect of inflation and the integration of tax shelters, as the long term nature of savings intertwines the power of compounding with inflation and tax effects. It should also take into account uncertainty about longevity and other contingencies.

There are many different plans that should be identified, addressed and ultimately integrated: risk management, income tax, retirement and investment portfolio planning, estate and business plans.