Blended Retirement Solutions - How a mix of investments can help reduce uncertainty & provide income and growth potential in retirement (MAR 2020)

Just as your life has likely been nothing like your parents', your retirement probably won't be either. It's no longer as simple as signing up for Social Security, collecting your pension, and settling back. You will probably be more active, live and work longer, and, for income, need to rely more on what you've saved. And that means ensuring that this income has the potential to last for your lifetime and to weather rising health care expenses, inflation, and market ups and downs.

The guide explains how a blended solution would work, when it may be applicable and why it is something that should always be considered.

Included within the pages of this guide are explanations of annuities and drawdown, the pros and cons of each, reference to third way products and how combinations of these may be brought together to present a solution.

The guide stresses the need for expert advice – being more important today than ever before. 

To read the full guide click on the link below:


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