A Guide to Wealth Protection (MAR 2020)

This guide covers basic life assurance protection and critical illness policies explaining how these remain the bedrock of financial planning i.e. that all individuals should make sure they are properly protected and insured.

Moving through to pensions and investments, the guide explains the devastating impact of losses and why (and how) wherever possible losses should be managed or restricted. It looks at the ravaging effect of inflation, even at low levels. In both cases the guide helps the reader understand how skilfully constructed and managed portfolios can provide valuable risk management which should help avoid calamities.

The content includes a view as to how to protect pensions both pre and post retirement.

There is a section on care and care fees, looking at how damaging the costs of care can be on a family’s finances and wealth; the guide outlines solutions and offers ideas how people can prepare for or tackle this threat. It references annuity solutions, NHS Continuing Care and well managed income portfolios.

Finally the guide touches on the power of trusts and how these can be used by anyone to protect against taxes, unwanted loss of wealth through divorce or bankruptcy and how individuals can take major steps to safeguard their wealth for generations to come.

In many ways this is a guide which takes the reader back to ‘first basics’ – the message is: “whatever else you do in your financial planning start with, and make sure, you are looking after the downside, protecting your family and insuring your future prosperity.”

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