A Guide to Income Drawdown (MAR 2020)

This is a non-technical guide aimed at any individual who needs help understanding Income Drawdown. This will include people close to retirement, at the point of retirement and those already in Drawdown.

It is written in simple terms taking the somewhat complex and technical aspects of Drawdown and presenting them in an easy-to-understand fashion. There is a special focus on explaining how Drawdown works, its many benefits but also, crucially, bringing some of the key risks right to the fore.

The guide outlines the pivotal role expert advice will play in helping investors ensure they make the right decisions in terms of:

  • Whether Drawdown is right for them
  • The income level they can target and how they can calculate their Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR)
  • The investment mix and strategy they need to pursue
  • Managing their tax position for maximum effect
  • How the death benefits can be arranged
  • How Drawdown will fit in with their wider financial planning needs

This is an area where our specialist advice and services can offer amazing value and the guide is a wonderful support in helping you understand a difficult subject in an easy, yet comprehensive, way.

To read the full guide click on the link below:


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