Changes to Personal Finance Portal (PFP) – Mobile Devices (MAR 2020)

On 23 March we have switched how you access the Personal Finance Portal (PFP). We have moved away from the more traditional native app where you had to download PFP from either iOS and/or Android app stored, but instead PFP will be available via a Progressive Web App (PWA).

The PWA is already available to use/download from your PFP home page, and you can simply add the app icon to your mobile or tablet home screen.

What is a Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App is an application that uses the web to deliver an app-like experience - to the user it behaves just like an app and many users will already have installed PWAs without realising the difference. Once installed, the PWA is launched like an app from your device home screen, but uses modern web content which is optimised for the mobile or tablet device being used.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of the PFP PWA is that all the website functionality is included for users. Users can even install the PWA and register for PFP on it.

Other benefits include:

- The desktop and web app function in the same way and have the same user interface

- In addition, the app now provides excellent communication between you and us, using one or more of Messaging, Voice, and Video. During this engagement, we will be able to see exactly what you are seeing with CoBrowsing and, with your permission, will be able to take control of your mouse and screen if you wish to have something explained or demonstrated or share our screen should we need to conduct an online meeting.

How is the PWA installed?

It's easier than visiting the app stores. You will need to visit the PFP homepage and if you are using a mobile/tablet device you will see a "Get the app” button.

You will see the following image when visiting the above homepage on a mobile device:

Clicking this button will either install the app directly or show you the instructions to install (depending on your browser) which will then add the PFP app icon alongside your other apps. Please note that iPhone users will need to use the Safari browser to add the app. Android users can add it in Google Chrome. 

In an iPhone (Safari Browser) you will then see the following image:

To install, follow the instructions and add the link to your home screen, so you do not have to type the homepage address every time you want to access your personal portal.

What happens to the iOS and Android apps?

These apps will be removed from the stores so that they can no longer be installed.

What about clients who have the iOS and Android apps?

For clients that have the iOS and Android apps, these will not stop working straight away. However, they will not be supported anymore, and we will eventually block access from them. We recommend that you delete the native app and go to the PFP homepage on your mobile web browser to click the "Get the App" button and install the web app.

What about new clients?

For new clients not registered yet they can simply "Get the App" straight away and they can even register for the portal after they have installed the web app on their device.


Apple devices only support Progressive Web Apps on devices using iOS 11.3 onwards.

Should you have any queries or encounter any installation issues please contact us.

* The email will not be published on the website.