Why Integrity Matters (FEB 2020)

The events of the past few years in the Financial Services Sector (2008 credit crisis, LIBOR scandal, pension scams, PPI claims, Final Salary Pension Transfers misconduct, endowments, etc) provide a reminder of the importance of firms acting and demonstrating their honesty, openness, transparency and fairness in all their business activities. 

For instance, banks and investment firms do not know any more for whom they are investing money, for institutional investors who are chasing return on investment or their clients? In the old days, you trusted your deposit to your bank manager and you got back your money plus interest. Today, clients are keeping a very close eye on deposit compensation limits.

Poor actions by single individuals has resulted in great costs to firms, clients and the reputation of the sector itself. 

Since its inception, Professional Capital has based its operation on an environment of trust, integrity and professionalism. For us, integrity means paying meticulous attention to the full impacts of the way we advise clients, it means putting integrity above profitability.

We do support the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment drive on ethics and integrity and we do hope that it will force the Financial Services Sector to redefine what it needs to look like by shifting from return on investment (ROI) to return on integrity (ROI). 

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The following videos show the strong drive of the CISI to promote integrity in the Financial Services Sector:

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