Planning your Retirement Income (FEB 2020)

There are certain “points in time” when people start to look for information and serious advice. One of those is when an individual is closing in on retirement and has to start thinking how to manage their finances through this crucial period. 

This task requires prudent decision making regarding selection of a suitable retirement age, personal pensions and other investment asset allocations, standard of living targets, emergency savings amounts, and personal pension and other investment withdrawal strategies. 

Longevity risk—the economic consequences of outliving financial resources — is one of the biggest risks facing retirees. It refers to the risk of outliving your savings. Longevity issues arise as people enter retirement, generally with a fixed amount of money to fund their retirement years (either in the form of a lump sum or pensions), but with no idea of how long they will live and, therefore, no idea how long their money needs to last.

The video includes: How to tackle the big questions about retirement income, why this is really all about expenditure, how to plan for the unknown and unpredictable, why having a strategy towards longevity is important, how advice can make all the difference.

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